Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sonder Talk?
A Sonder Talk is any conversation where two or more strangers engage in authentic, honest conversation. We facilitate an easy entrance into these conversations by scheduling you on an hour long Zoom call with another individual.

How can I sign up for a Sonder Talk? Fill out the Sonder Talk Application, then at some point you will be contacted by Sonder via email. Please respond to all emails in a clear and timely manner. If we do not hear back within one week, we will assume you no longer want to participate.

How does the conversation begin? When you enter the Zoom call with your camera and microphone on, Sonder will play an introductory video to initiate the experience.

Who asks the questions? Each conversation is moderated by Sonder. There will be several prompts to discuss during your conversation – in order to receive a question simply ask "Sonder". These questions are only starting points for your dialogue. We encourage you to ask your own questions as well and let the conversation flow naturally.

How long is a Sonder Talk? A Sonder Talk is one hour long but participants are given the option to engage in as many sessions as desired, either with the same, or a different partner.

What if I'm uncomfortable in my Sonder Talk? If at any moment you wish to leave your conversation, you are encouraged to use the "chat" option on Zoom to let us know directly. We will end the conversation as quickly as we can.

Will my Sonder Talk be recorded? For research purposes, all conversations will be recorded. We hold our participants' safety and privacy in our highest regard; portions of dialogue will only be shared if participants consent. After the conversation, individuals have the opportunity to note information they wish not to be shared. To get a sense of how we share our community's stories, check out our Instagram.

If you have more questions that were not answered here,
drop us an email.